Chapter 3 of the English textbook for Class 10, First Flight, is a prose piece titled Two Stories About Flying. It contains two stories titled “I – His First Flight” and “II – Black Aeroplane.” We’ve included a synopsis of the text in the form of CBSE English Notes below. Students enrolled in CBSE Class 10 may get a prose summary of Two Stories About Flying here. The author describes brilliantly in the first narrative – His Maiden Flight – how a bird overcomes his anxiety and takes his first flight. In the other tale, Black Aeroplane, the author relates how a teenage pilot narrowly escapes death while flying an aircraft with the assistance of a strange black aeroplane. Students may also prepare for their examinations by referring to CBSE Class 10 English Prose Notes – Two Stories About Flying.

CBSE Class 10 English notes will assist students in studying the topic thoroughly and clearly.

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The Young Seagull’s Fear of Flying

The young Seagull was on his ledge by himself (cliff). His two brothers and sister were already flying. Because of the long stretch and depth of the sea, the young seagull was afraid to fly. He was afraid that his wings would fail him. As a result, he dashed back to his ledge hole.

As a result, the young Seagull lacked the courage to fly away. His father and mother tried to talk him out of flying. They scolded and even threatened him, saying that if he didn’t try to fly, he’d starve to death. The young Seagull, however, remained motionless.

Parents Leave the Young Seagull Alone

After twenty-four hours, no one came near him. The young Seagull spent the entire day watching his parents teach his brothers and sister how to fly. They were also showing them how to skim the waves and dive to catch fish. He had witnessed his older brother catch the first herring (a soft-finned sea fish). His parents praised him after he ate it. The entire family mocked the young Seagull for being a coward.

The Hungry Seagull

With the passage of time, the young seagull became unable to withstand the hunger and heat. He moves closer to the ledge and pretends to sleep, but no one notices.

His two brothers and sister were sleeping, and his father was cleaning his white back feathers. His mother was the only one who noticed him. She was high on the plateau, holding a fish. When the young Seagull saw the food, he became even more hungry.

The Mother’s Trick

His mother tried to tempt him with pieces of fish after realising his obsession with food. Initially, she tore the fish in the manner in which the young seagull enjoyed eating. The young seagull was enraged by this sight. The mother then flew closer to him, which delighted the young seagull.

The mother, on the other hand, came to a halt near the edge of the ledge. The young seagull dashed towards the mother and dove for the fish, fueled by excitement and hunger.

The Joy of Flight

When the Seagull dived for the first time, he was terrified and screamed. But soon after, he felt his wings spread and he began to fly slowly downwards and upwards. He had overcome his fear of flying.

The Family’s Celebration

His parents, brothers, and sister soon surrounded him. When the entire family landed on the green sea, they summoned the young Seagull to join them.

The young Seagull’s legs sank into the green sea as he landed. He attempted to fly again, but he was exhausted and weak from hunger.

His feet eventually sank into the green sea, his belly touched it, and he floated on it. As he took his first flight, his family members congratulated him and offered him dog fish.

Chapter Overview

This is the story of a Seagull family. Even after several attempts, a young seagull in the family was unable to fly. The story emphasises the value of family and friends in one’s life. It also conveys the message that one must believe in oneself in order to overcome all obstacles in one’s life.

About the Characters

Family of Seagull’s six members in the family of Seagulls.

Young Seagull

One who is unable to fly due to fear.


The Narrator’s Trip to England

The narrator was flying his old Dakota plane back to England at night over France. The sky was clear, and the moon glowed brightly. He was daydreaming about his vacation and looking forward to seeing his family.

The time was 1:30 a.m. When the narrator looked down, he noticed the lights of Paris in front of him. He dialled the Paris Control number to get directions. He was advised to turn 12 degrees West by Paris Control.

Appearance of Storm Clouds

When the narrator reached 150 kilometres beyond Paris, he was met with massive storm clouds in front of him. He was well aware that flying up and over the clouds was impossible.

He also lacked the necessary fuel to circumnavigate the clouds. He first considered returning to Paris. However, the prospect of breakfast with his family motivated him to fly through the clouds.

A Risky but Brave Decision

The narrator decided to take a chance and fly into the storm, but everything went wrong. He couldn’t see anything because everything outside the plane was pitch black.

The plane twisted and jumped in the air. His compass had broken down. He attempted to contact the Paris Control for directions, but his radio had also failed. As a result, he became completely lost in the storm.

A Black Aeroplane Appears

When the narrator became disoriented due to the storm, he noticed another black plane nearby. It didn’t have any lights on its wings. Its pilot’s eyes was fixed on him. The pilot of the black plane raised his hand and motioned for the narrator to follow him. The narrator had the impression that the pilot of the black plane wanted to assist him. As a result, he followed the strange plane.

Narrator Follows Black Aeroplane

The narrator followed the black plane for about 30 minutes. He could only fly the plane for five or ten minutes at this point. He was terrified once more. But then he noticed two straight lines of lights on the ground ahead of him.

They were runway lights at an airport. When he turned to look for the black plane, he couldn’t find it. He was able to land safely, allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief.

The Black Aeroplane Remains a Mystery

After landing, the narrator went to the airport’s control tower. He inquired about the mysterious plane with the woman in the control centre. He wanted to find the other plane and thank its pilot for guiding him through the storm.

The woman, on the other hand, looked at him strangely and laughed. On such a stormy night, she said, there was no other plane flying except his. The narrator was taken aback by this. He was curious as to who had assisted him.

Chapter Overview

The story highlights the fact that with courage and determination, we can face all of life’s challenges and difficulties. The narrator of the story was flying his Dakota Aeroplane from France to England. He was suddenly surrounded and surrounded in dark clouds. He survives thanks to his bravery and tireless efforts, and he arrives safely at the airport. His survival was nothing short of miraculous.

About the Characters

The Narrator 

A pilot who was flying his Dakota aeroplane over France back to England but lost his way due to a storm.

The Pilot of Black Aeroplane 

A pilot who was flying the black aeroplane. He helped the narrator to find the way in the storm.

The Woman 

The woman working in the control centre whom the narrator asked about the unknown friend in the black aeroplane.

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