Chapter 6 of the English textbook for Class 10, First Flight, is a prose piece titled “The Hundred Dresses Part 2,” which is a continuation of the preceding chapter, “The Hundred Dresses Part 1.” This narrative details Wanda Petronski’s absence from school and Peggy and Maddie’s subsequent apology for their unpleasant behaviour toward her. Here is a synopsis of the text in the form of CBSE English Notes for Class 10. CBSE Class 10 students may get a prose synopsis of Part 2 of The Hundred Dresses here. Additionally, they may refer to the CBSE Class 10 English Prose Notes – The Hundred Dresses Part 2 while they prepare for their Board examinations.

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Wanda’s Father’s Letter to Miss Mason

The monitor brought a note from the Principal Office to Miss Mason as the class circled the room to look at Wanda’s drawings. Miss Mason requested that the students take their seats. She explained to the kids that the note was actually a letter from Wanda’s father.

Wanda’s father, Jan Petronski, stated in the letter that they had relocated to a larger city. Wanda and her brother Jake decided not to attend school. Wanda was also teased by her classmates because of her name, according to him. Nobody in the big city would laugh at her because of her name.

Children’s and Miss Mason’s Reactions to the Letter

Everyone fell silent as a result of the letter, and everyone felt ashamed of their treatment of Wanda. Miss Mason warned the students not to offend anyone because of their name. She went on to say that they should think about it carefully.

Maddie was deeply moved by Wanda’s father’s letter. Maddie was having trouble concentrating in class. She began to feel guilty about her actions and blamed herself for not assisting Wanda. She believed that her actions were worse than Peggy’s. She considered going to Wanda’s house in Boggins Heights and apologising to her.

Wanda House is visited by Peggy and Maddie.

Peggy and Maddie decided to visit Wanda’s house in Boggins Heights after school. Peggy told Maddie on the way that she had never called Wanda a foreigner or made fun of her name, and that she thought she was stupid. Wanda’s drawing was also praised by her. They arrived at Wanda’s house, which was old but clean, just like Wanda’s dress. They knocked on the Petronskis’ door, but they had already left.

Maddie’s Choice

When Peggy and Maddie got home, Peggy admitted to Maddie that teasing Wanda about her dresses had actually helped her. Wanda used to get ideas for her dress designs from her questions, she added.

Maddie, on the other hand, was dissatisfied. Maddie didn’t get any sleep that night. Wanda was all she could think about. Maddie made the decision that she would not remain silent when someone made fun of another person. Even if it meant losing Peggy’s friendship, she would always speak out against teasing.

Peggie and Maddie write Wanda a friendly letter.

Maddie and Peggy wrote Wanda a letter on Saturday. They wanted to express their regret to her. However, they only asked her friendly questions in the letter and informed her that she had won the contest.

They mailed the letter to Boggins Heights after finishing it, requesting that it be forwarded to Petronski’s new address. Maddie and Peggy both waited for Wanda’s response, but there was none.

Wanda’s response

She specifically requested that the teacher give Peggy the green dress and Maddie the blue dress. She explained that she had transferred to a new school but that she missed her old one and her teacher.

Peggy and Maddie’s drawings

Peggy told Maddie after school that Wanda’s drawings made it clear that she didn’t despise them. Maddie hung the drawing on her wall at home. She began to cry as she remembered Wanda.

Wanda’s sketch had a face on it, and she recognised it right away. Maddie was the one who said it. She dashed out the door to Peggy’s house. She showed Peggy the drawing and noticed that the drawing looked exactly like Peggy. It gave them the impression that Wanda liked them both.

Overview of the Chapter

Wanda leaves the school without any prior knowledge in this chapter of the story. Her father explains the situation to Miss Mason in a letter. Peggy and Maddie, in particular, are ashamed by their actions.

They both realise what they’ve done and write Wanda a friendly letter. Wanda responds, asking Miss Mason to give Peggy and Maddie her two drawings. This section of the story teaches us not to hurt other people’s feelings.

Character Information

Miss Mason is a young woman who has a

The class teacher, who assists and supports the students.

Wanda’s father, Mr Petronski, wrote Miss Mason a letter about Wanda’s absence from school.

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