CBSE NCERT Notes for Class 10 English (Poem) Chapter 7 – Animals

The poem “Animals” is included in Chapter 7 of CBSE Class 10 English First Flight. Walt Whitman wrote the poem, which is adapted from one of his literary works, ‘Song of Myself’ in Leaves of Grass. To assist students with their test preparation, we have included the Summary and Notes for CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Animals Poem. We have described each line of the poem in-depth in these English Notes to aid pupils with their comprehension. They may also return to the synopsis around test time to get a rapid knowledge of poetry.

CBSE Class 10 English notes will assist students in studying the topic thoroughly and clearly.

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The trees inside are moving out into the forest,

the forest that was empty all these days

where no bird could sit

no insect hide

no sun bury its feet in the shadow

the forest that was empty all these nights

will be full of trees by morning.


It looks like the trees are moving, but they aren’t.

People in the poem say that the trees in her house are moving outside into a forest that had been empty for a long time, but now they are. These trees are cut down from the forest and brought into people’s homes to make them look like they’re in the woods or as decorations.

So no birds could perch on the branches of trees, no insects could hide in trees, and the sunlight could not be blocked by trees.

During these nights, there will be a lot of trees in the forests, but by morning, they’ll be full of trees.


All night the roots work

to disengage themselves from the cracks

in the veranda floor.

The leaves strain toward the glass

small twigs stiff with exertion

long-cramped boughs shuffling under the roof

like newly discharged patients

half-dazed, moving to the clinic doors.


He says it looks like trees work quietly at night so they can get out of their homes. In the middle of the night, the roots of the trees work to get out of the cracks in the floor of the porch.

Because they want to get outside, the trees’ leaves push hard on the window glass. The small twigs (the topmost parts of the branches) have become very hard because they were pushed too hard to get free.

Because the trees are inside the walls and under the roof, they can’t grow very far. They try to move slowly outside from there and look like they just came out of the hospital. who are a little shocked when they come out into the real world.


I sit inside, doors open to the veranda

writing long letters

in which I scarcely mention the departure of the

forest from the house.

The night is fresh, the whole moon shines in a sky

still open

the smell of leaves and lichen

still reaches like a voice into the rooms.


The speaker, who could be the poet herself, is sitting in her own home. The doors of her house open up to the outside. The poet is writing a lot of long letters, but she doesn’t talk about the trees leaving the house very much.

When it’s dark, “the whole moon shines bright in the open sky.” People in the house give off the smell of leaves and lichen.


My head is full of whispers

which tomorrow will be silent.

Listen. The glass is breaking.

The trees are stumbling forward

into the night. Winds rush to meet them.

The moon is broken like a mirror,

its pieces flash now in the crown

of the tallest oak.


There are sounds coming from leaves and lichens on the trees. These sounds won’t be there the next day because the trees will have moved into the forest in the night. The poet can hear the glass breaking, but he can’t see it. Trees rush to get outside as soon as the glass breaks.

They fall on each other and get stuck in different places because they are so rushed. Wind seems to be moving quickly toward the trees as they move out into the open.

In the forest, tall trees stand straight. It looks like a broken mirror because its branches cover the moon, making it look like it isn’t there. As the moon pieces fall apart, they look like a crown on a tall tree.

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