E Learning, Training Video Production Services in English, Hindi & Bengali

Most Affordable Video Production Services in India in English, Hindi & Bengali

As the world is moving ahead and remote learning is becoming the norm, it is very vital to have high-quality video content for content marketing, training, e-learning, video courses, lead generation, marketing, product or services promotion

With a 100% guarantee that you cannot find another company providing high-quality videos at an affordable cost, you can contact our team at +91 98 314 80 399 for a free quote and free work sample.

We provide you with video content made with state of the art video recording studio, smart & engaging anchors,presenters who can speak fluently in English, Hindi & Bengali languages

How We Work?


We understand your requirement to help you provide with engaging, appealing content which serves your purpose. Also our team of experts provide consultation for better planning and execution. Be it your coaching centre, edtech startup, spokesperson video, product or services promotion, video course production


As per your requirement we plan your project, start producing your videos provide constant feedback during video production phase. Where you can provide feedback to get desired results as per your requirements


We provide 100% satisfaction to our customers, so unless we reach the desired results we discussed during planning stage we work, provide revision and deliver high quality videos to you

How You Should Plan Your Videos?

Before you start off, you must figure out what kind of video you require

  1. Live Motion
  2. Animation Video
  3. White Board Video
  4. Spokesperson Video
  5. Video with Presenter on screen
  6. Video with slides & voiceover

How long you want your videos to be? Do you want them to be delivered in chapters or separate videos

  1. 0-30 secs
  2. 30-60 secs
  3. 60-120 secs
  4. Long form videos >300 secs

Do you have script ready for your video or videos or do you need help with script writing? We can also provide help with topic study to help you make your video production easier

  • Yes, I have my script ready
  • No, I dont have any

Do you need male or female presenter?
In which language you want your videos to be produced?

  1. Hindi
  2. English
  3. Bengali?

Music can make your videos more attractive but some genres of videos look great without any, contact our team for free consultation on the same

Subtitles can improve quality of video, engagement with viewers, this service can be added in your videos if required at a nominal cost

How Do We Charge?

We have a transparent pricing strategy that helps us provide you with the best services.
We charge based on word count i.e. you only pay as per the number of words in your video script or spoken in the video


  • English: Starts from ₹7/word
  • Hindi: Starts from ₹6/word
  • Bengali: Starts from ₹5/word

These charges include video recording, charges for the presenter, basic editing without titles not included- background music, script writing & topic research

Please contact our team for detailed quote

Different Types of Video Setup We Have

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