English Notes WBBSE Madhyamik Class 10 - Father’s Help

আপনি এখানে শিখবেন এই অধ্যায়ে এবং বিষয়ের ফাউন্ডেশন অংশটা, এই বিষয়টিকে সহজ-সরলভাবে পড়িয়েছেন বিশেষজ্ঞ শিক্ষক ভিডিও লেকচার এর মাধ্যমে এবং এই পুরো অধ্যায়কে চার ভাগে খন্ডিত করে আপনার জন্য তৈরি করা হয়েছে

প্রথম খন্ডে আপনি শিখবেন ফাউন্ডেশন অংশটা যেখানে অধ্যায়ের ব্যাপারে আপনাকে বোঝানো হয়েছে তার মানে definitions,basics গুলো সহজভাবে. এবং এটাকে আপনি বুঝতে পারবেন যেটা আপনাকে পরীক্ষার জন্য ক্রীপের করতে সাহায্য করবে
দ্বিতীয় মডিউলে আপনি শিখবেন MCQ মাল্টিপল চয়েস কোশ্চেন যেটা সাধারণত এক Marks’er আসে পরীক্ষায়
তৃতীয় মডিউলে আপনি শিখবেন শর্ট অ্যানসার এবং কোয়েশ্চেন, যেটা আপনার পরীক্ষার সাজেশন মধ্যে পড়ে এবং এটা 3-4 marks’er প্রশ্ন আসে আপনার পরীক্ষা
চতুর্থ মডিউল আপনি শিখবেন লং আনসার এবং questions যেটা সাধারণত 5-6 marks er হয়
আপনার যদি কোন প্রশ্ন থাকে তাহলে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন যাতে কি আপনাকে আমরা সাহায্য করতে পারি

Here you will learn the basics of Father’s Help in a simple language it is for Bengali medium students who are studying under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and preparing for their exam (Class 10 WBBSE) Here you will find all necessary and important WBBSE Madhyamik Suggestions, notes, solved sample question paper in Bangla along with video lectures from expert teachers






  • Swami should present at 09:30 – in the school’s prayer hall.
  • Swami perceived on Monday morning when – When he was lying on a couch.
  • Swami was sleeping on the table in her mother’s space – at 9:30.
  • Reasons to change Swami’s strategy – he knew his father was a very angry man.
  • Swami’s dad scolded Swami and commanded- dress up for school.
  • Swami’s mother advised – so that he stays at home.
  • Swami’s expected – so that he does not have to go to school.
  • Reason for threatening the boys by the angry man, Samuel – for coming late to his class.
  • According to Swami’s father, hanging around on Sundays is responsible for – sore head on Monday.
  • Swami hoped after hearing his sore head objection his father – would like to see why he avoided going to school that day.
  • Swami’s father on the spur of the moment decided to write-a lengthy epistle to the head teacher.
  • Swami’s father wrote an epistle to the principal when- he was getting prepared to go to school.
  • The father told Swami that he had composed- many complaints about Samuel.
  • Swami started to visioned that Samuel had- a respectful feeling for Swami.
  • Reason of his moral sense annoyed him- he has mixed the real and the imaginary together.
  • The letter contained the father’s accusations- against Samuel.
  • Swami’s heart was filled with woe as he-remembered Samuel’s dusky face, his fine moustache, dirty cheek and yellow jacket.Swami was not fully confident if- Samuel was capable of all complaints against him in the leaf.
  • Swami, shivering that it was Monday.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: taking a rest on a couch, Swami realized with trembling that it was Monday morning.

  • Swami expected that he might be forced to go to school.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: Swami hoped he would not be forced to go to school.

  • Swami’s mother was a loving and noble lady.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: ‘Mother generously suggested…’

  • Lying on a couch in his father’s space, he began to cry because he had a sore head.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: Swami was resting on the table in her mother’s place.

  • Dad said stay home without going to school.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: “Nonsense dress up and go.”

  • Swami was amazed at how quickly the day passed.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: Just a few moments ago it seemed to be Friday.

  • Swami’s own mistake was to be late for school.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: “It is your own fault.”

  • Samuel always rebuked all the students in the class.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: He would get angry at those who were late for class.

  • The head teacher was scared of his friend.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: They used to say that the headmaster was afraid of his friend.

  • Swami did not succeed in bluffing his father with the excuse of having migraine to avoid school.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: “Nonsense dress up and go.”

  • Samuel’s behavior was affectionate.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: Compared to the other teacher’s Swami, Samuel seemed to be more friendly.

  • Swami was suffering from mixed feelings.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: Swami realized that he was assorted with concrete and imagined.

  •  There was a sudden change in the father’s behavior.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: But her father’s behavior changed suddenly.

  • Swami’s father was adamant in his decision to send a letter to the head teacher.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: No attempt could change the father’s opinion.

  • Swami was protesting when his father was writing a letter to the principal.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: No attempt could change the concept of the letter.

  • Dad wrote a concise letter to Samuel.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: Dad wrote a lengthy epistle to Samuel.

  • Swami’s father wrote a lot about his son.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: ‘Nothing for you’(Swami).

  • father gave the envelope to Swami and ordered him to give it to the headmaster before going to the classroom.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: give it to your principal then go to your class.

  • Father did not tell his son what he wrote in the letter.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: “what have you written, father?” Swami asked alarmingly. ‘Do nothing for you.’

  • Swami’s moral sense annoyed him. Or he was poked by his judgement.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: Swami’s judgement annoyed him.

  •  Swami was not sure how appropriate his statement about Samuel was.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: Swami was not confident about the description of Samuel he gave.

  •  Swami stood on one side of the road to read what’s written on the inside of the letter.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: Swami stood on one side of the road to form his mind about Samuel.

  • Swami was confident that all the statements about Samuel were appropriate, which is written in the letter.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: Swami was not confident about the description of Samuel he gave in the letter.

  • Compared to the other teacher’s Swami seemed Samuel to be more friendly and had a respectful feeling for Swami.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: Swami personally felt that Samuel was more friendly than the other teachers and had a special feeling for Swami.

  • Samuel had a dusky face, fine moustache, and a lengthy beard.

Ans. False.

Supporting line: Swami’s heart was filled with woe as he remembered Samuel’s dusky face, his fine moustache, dirty cheek and yellow jacket.

  • Swami’s head was mystifying with confusion.

Ans. True.

Supporting line: The Swami’s head was tingling with confusion.

multiple choice questions - 1 marks

  • Mother of Swami-
  1. Irritated.
  2. She told him to go to school.
  3. Very tough.
  4. Asked him to stay back home.

Ans. D) Asked him to stay back home.

  • Just a moment ago Swami thought it was-
    1. Monday.
    2. Tuesday.
    3. Wednesday.
  • Friday.

Ans. D) Friday.

  • Swami sighed that he had a headache-
  1. 5:00 o’clock.
  2. 6:30 o’clock.
  3. 8:00 o’clock.
  4. 9:00 o’clock.

Ans. D) 9:00 o’clock.

  • The person who advised Sami could stay home-
  1. Grandma.
  2. Samuel.
  3. Mother.
  4. Parents.

Ans. C) Mother.

  • Swami should have been at 9:30-
  1. School compound.
  2. The school prayer hall.
  3. Schoolroom.
  4. Mom’s room.

Ans. B) The school prayer hall.

  • Today was Monday when it happened to the Swami he was-
  1. Wandering inside the dining room.
  2. Ready for school.
  3. Was doing his homework.
  4. Lying in bed.

Ans. D) Lying in bed.

  • Avoiding school swami’s complaint was his-
  1. Headache.
  2. Abdominal pain.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Running a temperature.

Ans. A) Headache.

  • Swami gave a pretense for a headache-
  1. Once.
  2. Every time.
  3. Over again.
  4. Three times

Ans. A) Once.

  • As soon as he woke up, Swami-
  1. Swami, demand had a headache.
  2. Realize that it was Monday.
  3. Met with his father.
  4. Was rebuked by the mother.

Ans. B) Realize that it was Monday.

  • Trembling with fear a Swami realizes that it was-
  1. Thursday.
  2. Tuesday.
  3. Monday.
  4. Sunday.

Ans. C) Monday.

  • Swami changed his strategy because he knew his father-
  1. Father.
  2. Grandmother.
  3. Principle.
  4. Sir.

Ans. A) Father.

  • Swami knew his father was-
  1. Strict.
  2. Polite.
  3. Honest.
  4. Annoyed.

Ans. A) Strict.

  • Swami thought quite a bit on-
  1. Wednesday.
  2. Thursday.
  3. Sunday.
  4. Saturday.

Ans. C) Sunday.

  • Dad commanded Swami to-
  1. Told to go play.
  2. Asked to rest.
  3. Dress up and go.
  4. Asked to study.

Ans. C) Dress up and go.

  • There were changed strategies for not going to school was-
  1. Toothache.
  2. So late to the class.
  3. Mother told him to stay at home.
  4. Didn’t do school homework.

Ans. B) So late to the class.

  • Edited part of the story ‘Father’s help’-
  1. The mentor.
  2. Malgudi Days.
  3. Swami’s friend.
  4. The History teacher.

Ans. B) Malgudi Days.

  • Swami announced his headache his mother was-
  1. Fluky.
  2. Annoyed.
  3. Aloof.
  4. Credulous.

Ans. D) Credulous.

  • Although it was too late, Swami’s father instructed him to go to school-
  1. It was Swami’s mother’s mistake.
  2. It was Swami’s fault.
  3. It was Swami’s father’s blunder.
  4. It was principal’s guilt.

Ans. B) It was Swami’s fault.

  • Samuel is enraged with the youngster who-
  1. Are dallying on Sundays.
  2. Are not to be loyal to their parents.
  3. Are not doing homework.
  4. Come in late in class.

Ans. D) Come in late in class.

  • According to Swami, the headmaster was scared-
  1. His father.
  2. School peon.
  3. The arithmetic teacher.
  4. Group of students.

Ans. C) The arithmetic teacher.

  • This is the attribute used for Swami’s mother in the text is-
  1. Annoyed.
  2. Interfering.
  3. Joyous.
  4. Generous.

Ans. D) Generous.

  • Swami hopes his dad will make him to see why he has to-
  1. talking about his toothache.
  2. Arriving early in his school.
  3. Avoid school.
  4. It will be late for school.

Ans. C) Avoid school.

  • Dad was behaving-
  1. Joyous.
  2. Weird.
  3. Not expected.
  4. Polite.

Ans. C) Not expected.

  • Julia’s father offered to send a letter to the head teacher of-
  1. Consultation.
  2. Complaint.
  3. Termination.
  4. Invocation.

Ans. B) Complaint.

  • With Swami’s intense protection her father –
  1. Change his mind.
  2. He remained steadfast in his decision.
  3. Went to the headmaster.
  4. Met Samuel.

Ans. A) change his mind.

  • Dad wrote the letter when Swami was getting ready to go to-
  1. In mom’s kitchen.
  2. In the mart.
  3. School.
  4. Reading room.

Ans. C) School.

  • Dad put the letter in-
  1. A letterbox
  2. Inner side of a copy.
  3. Case.
  4. Envelop.

Ans. D) Envelop.

  • Dad asked Swami about the letter-
  1. Carefully.
  2. With fair in mind.
  3. Vainly.
  4. Efficiently.

Ans. B) with fair in mind.

  • There was an extra thing that Swami took to school with-
  1. A letter.
  2. A new kit.
  3. A sunshade.
  4. A pen.

Ans. A) A letter.

  • Swami’s father wrote a lot about-
  1. Head teacher.
  2. The teacher Samuel.
  3. Own self.
  4. His son.

Ans. B) the teacher Samuel.

  • Swami was so anxious about-
  1. Letter address.
  2. The content of the letter.
  3. Dispatcher of the letter.
  4. Acceptor of the letter.

Ans. B) the content of the letter.

  • When Swami was going to school he was disturbed by-
  1. Conscience.
  2. Toothache.
  3. Illness.
  4. high temperature.

Ans. A) Conscience.

  • Swami thinking that when he was going to school-
  1. He was an excellent learner in the school.
  2. He was the worst boy on earth.
  3. He has to make contact with Samuel sir.
  4. He misbehaved with his friend.

Ans. B) He was the worst boy on earth.

  • To form his thought about Samuel sumi stood-
  1. beneath a creeper.
  2. Next to the school gate.
  3. On the roadside.
  4. Close to a store.

Ans. C) on the roadside.

  • Swami realized that he was assorted with concrete and imagined about-
  1. Principle.
  2. Own self.
  3. His parents.
  4. Samuel.

Ans. D) Samuel.

  • Swami realized on the way to school that he was-
  1. Excellent boy.
  2. Bad boy.
  3. Sincere boy.
  4. Cunning.

Ans. B) Bad boy.

  • To compared the other teacher’s john seemed Samuel to be-
  1. more friendly.
  2. more active.
  3. more rational.
  4. more forbearing.

Ans. A) more friendly.

  • Samuel was not a/an-
  1. Bad man.
  2. Sincere man.
  3. Wise man.
  4. Decent man.

Ans. A) Bad Man.

  • Thinking about Samuel, John found out again that Samuel was-
  1. an annoying person.
  2. Sincere person.
  3. a dishonest man.
  4. not such a bad man after all.

Ans. D) not such a bad man after all.

  • Samuel get-
  1. A clean shaved jowl.
  2. long mustaches.
  3. Unshaven cheek.
  4. A French cut facial hair.

Ans. C) Unshaven cheek.

  • The shade of Samuel’s jacket was-
  1. Red.
  2. Blue.
  3. Pink.
  4. Yellow.

Ans. D) Yellow.

  • Samuel as a man who was-
  1. Revengeful.
  2. Inhuman.
  3. Friendly.
  4. Hot-tempered.

Ans. C) Friendly.

  • Swami asked his dad about the subject matter of the letter-
  1. vainly.
  2. Indeterminately.
  3. Cherfully.
  4. Apprehensively.

Ans. D) Apprehensively.


  • Face of Samuel’s was-
  1. Shiny.
  2. Dark.
  3. Scruffy.
  4. Lively.

Ans. B) Dark.


  • There was a special reverence for Samuel-
  1. Swami.
  2. The head teacher.
  3. Whole classmates except Swami.
  4. Father of Swami.

Ans. A) Swami.




  • Swami stood on the side of the road to-
  1. Make up his mind.
  2. Take a break.
  3. Cross the street.
  4. To see what was written in the letter.

Ans. A) make up his mind.


  • All complaints were made against Samuel by-
  1. The learner.
  2. The principle.
  3. Swami.
  4. The Parents.

Ans. C) Swami.


  • Swami’s father filled the letter in a cover and-
  1. handed it to Swami.
  2. Sealed it.
  3. Place it in the letter box.
  4. A postage stamp.

Ans. B) Sealed it.


  • Swami’s head was mystifying-
  1. Hesitation.
  2. Misery.
  3. Confusion.
  4. stress.

Ans. C) Confusion.


  • The more he concerned about Samuel the more he _for him-
  1. Joyous.
  2. Uneasy.
  3. Grieved.
  4. Fear.

Ans. C) grieved.


  • Swami had to decide the allegation was so incapable of being-
  1. Imprecise.
  2. accurate.
  3. Outermost.
  4. Bruit.

Ans. B) accurate.


short questions - 2-3 marks

  • What did the Swami realize trembling with fear?

Ans. Swami trembled with fear and realized that it was Monday morning. A while ago he thought that today is Friday.

  • Who advised Swami to stay at home and why?

Ans. Swami’s mother told him to stay home because he told his mother that he was having headaches.

  • Why did Swami change his strategy?

Ans. Swami changed his strategy because he knew that his father was a strict man and his strategy would not work according to his father’s policy.

  • What advice did the Swami’s father give to the husband to get rid of the headache?

Ans. Swami’s father advised his son to run less on Sundays so that he would not have a headache on Monday.

  • What Did father comment on Swami’s headache for not going to school?

Ans. His father was furious when he heard that he was not going to school because of his headache and told him to get dressed and go to school.

  • What did the Swami fail to decide about Samuel?

Ans. Swami failed to decide whether Samuel was fully entitled to the allegations his father wrote in the letter.

  • ‘But father’s behaviour took an unexpected turn’-What is meant by turn? Why was it not expected?

Ans. The word ‘turn’ means here is to write a letter to the head teacher. Swami thought that his father would notice him not going to school. But he started writing letters to the headmaster despite her son’s prohibition.

  • How was Samuel’s outlook?

Ans. Samuel had a black face, a thin moustache, unshaven cheeks, he wore a yellow coat and was strict in class discipline.

  • Why was Swami so curious to know what was written in the letter?

Ans. Swami was so curious to know what was written in the letter because his conscience was embarrassed and he confused his father with reality and imagination when he complained about Samuel. He himself did not know whether the allegations he made were completely true.

  • What did the husband think of Samuel? And why was he embarrassed?

Ans. Swami realizes that Samuel is not as bad as he thought he was and that he likes Samuel. The reason for the Swami’s confusion was He himself did not know whether the allegations he made about were completely true.

long questions - 5 marks

English Notes WBBSE Madhyamik Class 10

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