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SkillYogi helps you reach students directly without any commission or consultancy
Now you don’t have to teach for free for a month to get a student
Below you will find the details of the students and you can get in touch with them directly


  • No Commission/Consultancy
  • Contact Students Directly
  • Online and Offline Student
  • Free Study Material and Video Lectures

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily reach students through our platform. First you click on the name of the student then go to the payment option and after you pay ₹ 29 you will get the phone number and details of the student, then you can contact him directly without any commission

Contact our team for details +91 9433889898

When you communicate with any student
If you misspell the student’s phone number after making the payment, you will receive a refund
If the student does not want to take tuition from you or the teacher is paid through our platform then no refund is given in this case.

Contact our team for details +91 9433889898

Once you get the phone number to contact the students, you can contact them via call or WhatsApp.

But keep in mind that if you don’t call between 10am and 7pm, they may not receive your call or may block you if they do.
Please send some samples of demo class or study material before you call or try to contact us early during office hours, it will be more convenient to convert that student.

When you communicate with a student through our platform, we provide you with a refund coupon if the student’s phone number or name is incorrect.

Refund coupons you can use once to contact another student
If you do not have a refund coupon, you will need to contact each student for ₹ 29

When you want to contact a student or get his contact number through our website, we charge a service charge of Rs.
After the payment you will get the contact number of the students and you will be able to contact them directly
If the student’s phone number is misspelled, you can contact our team at +91 9433889898 to get a refund.

When you want to contact a student, click on their name and after paying the service charge, you will get the student’s phone number and details in your email id.
Also after the payment you will see a screen on your mobile showing the student’s contact number.
Contact our team if there is any difficulty

We help students to better prepare their studies through digital marketing and with free video lectures, study materials.
We charge a service fee to cover the cost when you contact a student

Where you pay your one month fee to get a student here you can contact the students directly for only 29 rupees

Many students have their inquiries on our website where they need personal tutor teachers to teach online and offline.

We give them to you so that you can contact us directly and get online and offline without any commission or consultancy who will study you for a fee.

Through our website we help students to read easily through online video lectures, study materials and suggestions.
At the same time we conduct life classes online where we help students to clear any problems they may have.

Each student has their own budget according to their ability. We request that when you contact students it is best to talk about yourself or your remuneration as we do not have any commission or consultancy here.

You can contact us by phone or through WhatsApp app. Our contact number is +91 9433889898

We help teachers create online teaching books, do digital marketing and reach students directly at low cost

At the same time we manufacture light boards and sell them in India and abroad
If you have any help in creating your own online, you can contact us by calling or WhatsApp +91 9804282819

Now create your own online teaching profile easily and for free

We help teachers and tutors to get online secondary students without any commission or consultancy. Now online teaching is the future of our country. It is very important to create your own online profile so that students can find you easily.
If you want to create your own online teacher profile for free on our website through which students can easily find you for offline and online tuition then apply today by clicking on the link below you can create your own profile for free our business

So that students can easily find you and contact us directly on our website

By Using Our Services and Products You Agree to Our Privacy Policy and Refund Policy

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