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Prepare For Exam Easily Without Distraction

Are you getting distracted when revising for your exams? Stressed Out? Then SkillYogi’s Revision Notes helps you learn easily without distraction with our step-by-step notes and video lectures made for distraction free learning anytime on your phone or computer 

Check our sample notes for reference before you register, we are confident that SkillYogi will make your exam preparation easy & simple

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get access for 365 days to all revision notes & video lectures

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All our notes and study materials has been designed keeping students in mind. All study material notes are prepared to help students revised faster without wasting time in reading uncluttered definitions and concepts

You can revise each chapter within 10-20 mins, which helps you revise faster, easier and helps you score well in exams

Our study material has been made in a way that it helps even the weakest student learn and understand the basics of all chapters so they can prepare well and answer question to help them improve their score in exams

SkillYogi will assist them in channelling their preparation and doubling the amount of time IAS Toppers have spent preparing for it.

It teaches students how to take notes and also connect them to the content taught in top coaching and toppers’ notes.

You’ve gained experience, but you still feel as if something was missing. What was it you said? Determine it using the notes.


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Some Frequently asked questions

It is very easy to register on skillyogi, now you can register by watching the video above after paying our annual fee online.

Your username and password will be sent to your mail id and whatsapp number with which you can login and continue your studies.

Call us 9804282819 for details

Consider that you have a test tomorrow and are extremely pressed for time, but video advertisements continue to pop up before each document and test, robbing you of your valuable time! That is not what we wish for you, and we’re sure you feel the same way.

Therefore, if you can save time and obtain high-quality work for a minimal cost, it is entirely worthwhile to do so for the sake of your grade. And when compared to the cost of books, tuition, or even those expensive online platforms, the value added and knowledge gained are almost identical, if not greater!

Additionally, because a large number of teachers devote significant time and effort to creating the content you enjoy, those teachers who assist you in improving your performance deserve to be compensated! Additionally, there are additional costs associated with providing high-quality service, ranging from server costs to other construction costs associated with your beloved SkillYogi platform!

If you want to see our notes er sample, click on this link:

CBSE NCERT Class 10 Economics Chapter 1 Development

This way you will get study material for each subject. To prepare for the exam soon, register today.

You will not be able to download videos or questions from the course. You need to be connected to the Internet to watch videos, answer questions and access video solutions

You can download notes, suggestions in pdf format.

This is a self-study course. Doubt-clearing features are not included as part of this course. If you want to allay doubts as an additional feature, you can upgrade from this self-study course to our Mentored Learning Program. You can contact the support team at 9804282819 to upgrade your course.

All this study material is organised in a single page so whenever you are looking to learn about a chapter from any class aur any subject you can just follow the links which is well laid out on our website and you can learn all the details all the definition nodes and you will also find video lectures on a single page we can also download the sample paper and notes in PDF format

All of our study material is based on the CBSE syllabus and we follow NCERT books when we prepare to teach material for students like u so you can prepare easily and quickly and write all the answers in your exam paper

With a single membership you can access all the study material throughout the year for 365 days of 52 weeks
You can also share the account with your friends and classmates if they want to learn parallel with you so you can learn by yourself and also help the students to learn and prepare for the examination so they can give all the answers in the exam paper for CBSE NCERT English medium class nine ten

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