How to use social proof to increase course sales


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Social proof is a psychological bias where people tend to imitate the actions of others, especially when they are unsure about what to do. This concept is crucial in online marketing, as it influences people’s decisions and helps drive sales.

Here are eight effective methods to convert website visitors into customers using social proof:

  • Highlight the number of people who have already taken your courses, the number of subscribers you have, and the total number of learners on your website. This shows that many others trust your offerings.
  • Emphasize what is popular among your courses or subscription plans. People are drawn to popular choices, so promote your best-selling items in your course catalogue and track sales to gauge their effectiveness.
  • People tend to choose based on similarities. Leverage the power of influencers who have a similar audience to yours to increase your credibility and attract more learners.
  • Gain the trust of potential customers by featuring endorsements from outside authorities or experts in your field. Displaying any relevant certificates or awards you have received can also boost your credibility.
  • Social media plays a significant role as a form of social proof. The number of followers, shares, and likes on your social media accounts can influence potential customers. Enable share buttons on your website, but consider disabling them if you have very few shares.
  • Online reviews are essential in helping undecided visitors make faster and more confident decisions. Display reviews on your course landing pages or checkout pages. Aim to have at least five reviews per product, and remember that having only 5-star ratings may appear suspicious.
  • Utilize testimonials to showcase how your courses have helped past learners achieve their goals. Testimonials demonstrate the benefits of your products. Consider interviewing learners and publishing case studies on your blog, social media, or a separate section on your website.
  • It’s better not to display low proof, such as very low numbers of learners, as it can harm your sales. Authenticity is key, so only display real and meaningful numbers that create a positive impression. If your numbers are too low, it’s best to avoid displaying them altogether.

Social proof plays a vital role in online marketing by leveraging the influence of others to drive conversions. By implementing these methods, you can effectively use social proof to convert website visitors into customers.

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