Complete Online Teaching Setup For Lease/Rent in India

To conduct online classes and engage with students better you require good quality hardware and system to help you to teach online with ease and it can be quite expensive where you have to invest in camera, computer, manpower, software training and teaching system like interactive flat panel, interactive light board or glass board meeting setup, pen tablet teaching setup

Cost of whole setup can go up to 300000 rupees or $3000 which is a big hurdle when it comes to investing such a large amount into a teaching system

We at SkillYogi I have simplified the whole process where we provide you with complete hardware software, basic training along with trained technicians who will be helping teachers conduct online classes. It can be live or recorded classes.
you do not have to purchase any hardware which reduces the capital expenditure of your organisation
you can rent our equipment on per class basis for per day basis as per your convenience
This service is available in Kolkata currently and we are working to provide this service across India shortly so contact our team for further communication and information

Why Rent or Lease Teaching Setup For Your School,College or Institute?

  • Buying a complete online teaching system can be quite expensive it can start from 10000 rupees and go up to 300000 rupees and even if you purchase the latest hardware after a point of time you have to upgrade to a better alternative
  • You also have to hire technicians who are capable enough of operating the system
  • Basic training is also required for teachers were going to teach using the setup
  • When you rent or lease the setup you do not have to pay the huge capital as investment which saves you you a lot of money over the usage time
  • Equipment maintenance, up-gradation, servicing is taken care by the service provider
  • Trained technician and manpower is provided from the company who operate the whole system and take care of their expenses and salary

Teaching Systems for Lease and Rent

Lightboard or Glassboard Teaching Studio Setup

Light board or glass board teaching setup is a affordable and interactive teaching system where a teacher does not require intensive training to operate and teach with this setup
This setup replaces the traditional whiteboard or blackboard installed in a classroom And turns it into an interactive system to teach students and present your study material in a very unique manner

To install this setup you require a classroom of minimum 10 feet by 10 feet and this system can be used online and offline simultaneously during recorded and live classes

The Lightboard is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light.  It’s for recording video lecture topics.  You face toward your viewers, and your writing glows in front of you.
Lightboard Can Be Used To Conduct Interactive Live & Recorded Video Classes Using Animations, Images, Videos
Lightboard Helps You Transform Your Offline Classes Into Online Using Existing Classroom Infrastructure

  • 6’x4’ Lightboard Tempered Extra clear Glass with aluminium framing + internal lighting
  • Basic Training
  • Computer
  • Camera 
  • Mic
  • Background Stand and Cloth
  • Free 5 Neon Markers each month
  • Presenter
  • TV or Monitor for Teacher

Smartboard Are Expensive – Cost Upward Of 2.5 Lakhs With All Gear Without Camera
Lighting Setup Not Included
Requires Time And Specific Skills To Assemble Setup
Smartboard Requires Hardware Such As Projector, Computer, Board, Touch Pen
Steep Learning Curve Required To Use It Senior Teachers (45+) Have Tough Time To Learn The Setup
Teacher Has To Turn Back To Write On Screen
Proprietary Softwares Required To Operate, Which Will Cost More Over A Period Of Time

Lighting Setup Inbuilt
Takes 20-30 Mins To Assemble
Does Not Require Any Projector, Pen Tab, Separate Board
No/Minimal Learning Curve, Even A 10 Year Old Can Use It
All Text And Material In Front Of Teacher, Never Show Your Back
Free Open Source Software Used For Its Operation

Graphics Pen Tablet Teaching Studio Setup

This is an affordable alternative teaching system which requires very small space and it is very useful to teach subjects like mathematics history and subjects which requires you to show a lot of data or a lot of text such as accounts, Economics, history, data entry, charts etcetera

You get a complete teaching setup which includes a graphics display pen tablet which is like a monitor on which you can write with your Stylus pen. This setup is portable compact and can be moved around and requires a very small space to set up and start teaching

  • 12″ Wacom Graphics Pen tablet
  • Basic Training
  • Computer
  • Camera 
  • Mic
  • Background Stand and Cloth
  • TV or Monitor for Teacher

Graphic pen tablet is an hardware which you attached with your computer to detect your handwriting for hand gesture

It is similar to how you use a mouse for your computer or laptop but the advantage here is you get a style does which fields and acts similar to a pen or a pencil and you can use that stylus to write on the pen tablet and the pen tablet will recognise the movement of the stylus so whenever you move this style is with your hand so the pen tablet with recognise your handwriting and feed it to your computer

A graphic pen tablet is the most affordable durable and portable setup that you can purchase to teach online remotely you do not require huge space and it is a very portable device and lightweight and it can connect with any computing device such as desktop or laptop

Also, you can consider interactive flat Panel for Digital board which has a minimum size of around 65 inches and goes up to 95 inches and the cost starts from 90000 rupees onwards in India and it is also sold by Skill Yogi

So if you are looking for an online teaching setup in India get in touch with our team for a free consultation session at 9804 2828 19

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can definitely help you with that as we are currently running online teaching platform we have vast experience on how to manage content and distribute content to reach the right audience and also it gives us marketing benefit and generates lead

We train teachers through our video courses and through live sessions where as in we give all the information and provide grooming to teacher so they can adapt with our teaching system and start teaching online with ease

Currently We Are Operating In Kolkata And Can Install Our Setup Anywhere In Any Institute Within Kolkata Within 3 To 7 Days From Date Of Agreement

There Is No Lock In Period But We Do Agreement On Basis Of Duration That Is For 2 Months, Six Months, 12 Months

But If You Are Looking For This Setup For A Shorter Period Of Time Say 7 Days Or 1 Month We Do Have This Facility Please Contact With Our Team For Further Details

We Accept Payment In Cash, Check Ok Or Through Account Transfer Please Contact With Our Team For Further Details

Before We Install And Start Operating The Setup At Your Location We Take Two Months Payment As Advance/Deposit And Within 7 Working Days The Setup Is Install At Your Location And It Can Be Operational From That Point Onward

There Is No Cancellation Charge But You Have To Provide Us With A Notice Of At Least Two Months Before Discontinuing Our Services, So We Can Prepare And Arrange Necessary Steps To Move The Hardware From Your Location

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