Common Problems Faced While Teaching Online

When you start to teach online there are lots of issues that you might face it can be hardware issue, software issue, understanding and knowledge on how to use the complete setup and also how to get students who will pay you so you can generate revenue from online teaching

At SkillYogi we provide comprehensive guidance and support to teacher so they can easily transition from offline to online teaching and generate and alternate source of income to support their career

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hardware related issues

You might be confused which hardware you should purchase to conduct online classes.
Here you will get in-depth knowledge and support and it will clarify all your doubts so you can understand what goes in the hardware for online teaching.
You will also get guidance and support to choose the right hardware setup for your online teaching career

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Essentials Hardware Required​

When you are building your online teaching system or studio there are certain things which are very vital without which your quality of teaching will be compromised and students will not engage as they should have if your setup was made perfect

Whenever you are building your online teaching setup these 4 things are very vital
1. Proper lighting
2. Microphone
3. Camera
4. Hardware to showcase your teaching material to students

How To Light Your Teaching System

Proper Lighting
If you are not using adequate lighting the quality of video that you capture will not be appropriate and the students will not find your video lectures on life classes much engaging are interesting because with when they cannot see you how they can understand and engage with what you are teaching to them online
In this situation it is very vital to focus on the lighting, it is not necessary to buy very expensive lighting setup such as kino light

You can use low cost LED light bulbs which are available in the market which are typically used in any household these cost approximately 5-10$ or 300 to 400 rupees each

You can put them up in your room where you’re using your hardware on the ceiling on the wall so it bounces off directly and provide you with the very soft light so when a camera is capturing you it is providing you enough lighting across the room itself

You can purchase ring light and different types of specialized lighting which is used in photography and videography cinematography but it is not really required when you are conducting online classes and if you are running a very low budget its very useful to use the typical LED Batten which is used in every household and available everywhere at a low cost

Which tripod you should buy for online teaching setup?

Tripod is an hardware which is a three legged piece of equipment which supports your camera aur your microphone

This is a very important part of your online teaching system because it is very vital to keep the height angle stable and you cannot have a person hold your camera for extended period of time which is beyond 30 to 40 minutes

There is a plethora of option that you get in market from which you can choose the right tripod for you but there are certain requirements that needs to be met when you are purchasing your tripod because this is a long-term investment although it can be cheap as well

Make sure the tripod that you are purchasing follows this guideline

1. The body should be sturdy, it can be made up of aluminium, plastic but it should be able to hold weight of a camera of more than 1 kg or 2 lbs

2. Make sure the base plate of the tripod is study and is available if you lose it because a lot of times over extended period of usage the base plate might break or it might be lost so make sure that it is available and you can replace the base plate without replacing the whole tripod altogether

3. The height of the tripod should be at the level of your eye, so whenever you are purchasing a tripod make sure that its height is up to the level of your eye whenever you are teaching while standing or sitting

4. You can buy unbranded tripods but it’s better to go with the brand which is well known such as manfrotto, digitech, Kodak, gitzo ,benro etcetera

5. You should also consider the weight of the tripod because if you have to move your setup someday if you have to move around it’s very essential not to purchase a very heavy tripod so you are trying for should be approximately below 1 kg or 2 lbs

When you have purchased a tripod you can mount a DSLR, webcam – just make sure that there is a tripod Mount under the webcam, camcorder or even you can install and put your smartphone on the tripod and use it as a camera

Below you will find links to some of the recommended tripod which you can purchase and used for your online teaching

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