NCERT Social Science Notes for Class 9 CBSE

  • This guide for CBSE Class 9 Social Science covers an extensive range of topics across History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science
  • Created using the insights from top-performing students in CBSE Class 9.
  • Thoroughly addresses the entire Class 9 Social Science curriculum.
  • Offers a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to attending separate tutorials for each subject.
  • Extremely useful for review sessions.
  • Well-organised and indexed like a textbook for easy navigation and study.
  • Prioritises topics that are deemed most important for scoring well on the exams.
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Struggling with lengthy history chapters and geography concepts?

Simplify your exam prep with these skillfully designed CBSE NCERT Social Science notes for Class 9 to study smarter and score higher!

✔️Focused Content to Help Master Key Topics
Our notes capture the complete syllabus in concise points – including only the core facts, definitions, explanations, maps, diagrams from all chapters.

✔️Higher Retention for Quick Revision Bullet style formatting allows fast grasping and memorizing concepts so you can revise 4x faster. Critical for acing exams!

✔️All Official NCERT Content Organized Chapter-wise Dive deep into every chapter like French Revolution, Nazism, Poverty, Constitutional Design etc. minus any fluff.

✔️Additional Insights Plus Solved Examples We’ve enriched the NCERT material with extra study tools across History, Geography, Political Science and Economics for robust understanding.

✔️Sharpen Thinking Skills for Stronger Application Moving beyond textbooks, our notes will develop your critical thinking for smarter answers expected by CBSE examiners.

✔️Handy Revision on the Go

Who Benefits?

  • Students seeking an efficient study method.
  • Learners aiming for higher marks in Social Science.
  • Candidates needing a concise resource for quick revisions.

Available Formats:

  • PDF Format: Instant access for tech-savvy learners, ideal for studying on the go.
  • Book Format: A tangible companion for those who prefer traditional studying methods.

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FAQs for Social Science Exams Notes for Class 9 CBSE

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Our comprehensive study notes include detailed coverage of History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics as per the NCERT CBSE Class 9 Social Science syllabus.

We regularly update our study notes to ensure they align with the latest NCERT CBSE syllabus and educational standards, providing you with the most current study material.

You can preview and purchase our NCERT CBSE Class 9 Social Science study notes on Amazon. Choose between convenient PDF or book format as per your preference.

All the notes are made in English medium, for CBSE NCERT students so they can prepare fast and revise for the examination and score good marks


Yes you can contact our team and ask for notes of your favourite subject and our team will try to create study material for thatAll the notes are made in English medium, for CBSE NCERT students so they can prepare fast and revise for the examination and scoring good marks And include in this same membership


You can contact our team by calling us at 9804282819, although the preferable method of contacting us is through WhatsApp on the same number given


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