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Frequently asked questions

Your username and password will be sent to your mail id and whatsapp number with which you can login and continue your studies.

Call us 9804282819 for details

No, we dont provide refunds. Please register for our trial period to check quality of content

Consider that you have a test tomorrow and are extremely pressed for time, but video advertisements continue to pop up before each document and test, robbing you of your valuable time! That is not what we wish for you, and we’re sure you feel the same way.

Therefore, if you can save time and obtain high-quality work for a minimal cost, it is entirely worthwhile to do so for the sake of your grade. And when compared to the cost of books, tuition, or even those expensive online platforms, the value added and knowledge gained are almost identical, if not greater!

Additionally, because a large number of teachers devote significant time and effort to creating the content you enjoy, those teachers who assist you in improving your performance deserve to be compensated! Additionally, there are additional costs associated with providing high-quality service, ranging from server costs to other construction costs associated with your beloved SkillYogi platform!

This is a self-study course. Doubt-clearing features are provided as part of the susbcription. You can ask your questions and our team will help you. You can Whatsapp your questions to get answer. You can contact the support team at 9804282819 to upgrade your course.

Yes, GST is included in the charges

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