Facing Problem Teaching Online & Getting Students?

Helping Educators Globally

If you are a teacher or an educator with an aim to teach online but facing problem with hardware-software related technical issues and also you are unable to make good looking study material which will create more engagement with your students

It is very important to learn the basics of online teaching and this is where skill yogi can help you move ahead and create a long term student for your online teaching career

We help teachers globally and across India from different background, location, language and guide them m in having better engagement with their online students

Hardware Issues

There are different types of online teaching hardware which is available in the market which might confuse you

If you are having trouble figuring out which hardware to purchase as per your requirement, subject, space required, budget

Our team can guide you choose the best hardware which will help you conduct online classes(live or recorded) smoothly at low cost for extended period of time

Software Issues

To build your online teaching setup the two important components are hardware and software
A large number of teachers face difficulties setting up the software element of their online teaching setup. So if you having any difficulties and required guidance to improve the video picture quality, camera video quality, audio quality
Our team of expert technicians can help you build the perfect online teaching setup with existing hardware. We generally use of various set of free software like OBS, Canva which reduces your long term expense


We provide comprehensive training to teachers educator to help them adapt with their hardware software and how to engage with students when you are teaching them online after transitioning from offline face to face teaching
It’s a very important factor which affect the quality of education you are imparting to your students
Through our research and well experimented training module will help you improve your online teaching process and engage better with your students

How We Help You?

We provide complete and support to educators looking to teach online but still struggling. Our team understand your requirement such as space, budget, usage and provide you solution like hardware, software and other miscellaneous assistance which helps you jump ahead of the queue and get a push start in your online teaching career

Personalised Support

Our team connect with you to understand your requirement and problems after expert analysis our team guys you through a very seamless process after which you will be able to solve your technical, non technical issues which you are facing while teaching online

tech support for teachers 1.

Global Reach

It doesn't really matter where you are from on the globe, our objective is to provide you with the best service and guide you to reach your students online and engage with them smoothly We have provided technical support to more than 500+ educators across the globe and help them teach online better

Complete Support

Not only we provide technical support, training to help you teach better online but we also provide you with complete end-to-end from hardware to getting students online We also provide marketing support and help you build your online teaching strategy so you can reach out to more and more students and earn better

Save Time To Make More Money

  • Personal consultation session
  • Experts can speak in Hindi English and Bangla
  • Complete technical support till your online teaching setup is perfectly setup
  • 3 months technical support included
  • Personal consultation session
  • Experts can speak in English 
  • Complete technical support till your online teaching setup is perfectly setup
  • 4 months technical support included

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