Online education has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more popular. As the number of people who want to learn online has grown, so has the number of people who are making online courses. But making an online course is not an easy thing to do. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the problems that come up when making an online course.

Putting together good content

The first problem for people who make online courses is coming up with good content. The most important part of an online course is its content, which must be interesting and full of useful information to keep students interested. To make good content, you need time, work, and a deep understanding of the topic. In a survey done by the eLearning Industry, 30% of course creators said that making good content was the hardest thing for them to do.

Getting the Course Known

After the course content is made, the next challenge is to get people to sign up for it. When there are so many online courses to choose from, it can be hard to stand out. Online course makers need a good marketing plan to get the word out about their course and reach the people they want to reach. In the same survey from eLearning Industry, 26% of course creators said that getting people to sign up for their course was their biggest challenge.


Technology is a big part of online courses, and course creators need to know a lot about technology in order to make and teach their courses. This can be hard for people who don’t know much about technology. The people who make courses must also make sure that the technology they use is up-to-date and easy to use. In a survey done by EdTech Digest, 47% of course creators said that technology was the biggest problem they faced.

Getting involved and talking

The most important parts of a successful online course are engagement and interaction. The people who make courses need to find ways to keep students interested throughout the course and get students and instructors to talk to each other. This can be hard to do in an online class, where students may feel like they aren’t connected to the teacher or other students. In a survey done by the eLearning Industry, 23% of course creators said that getting students to interact with each other and the material was their biggest challenge.

Keeping up to date and staying on course

Lastly, online courses need to be updated and maintained to keep up with changes in the subject matter and technology. To make sure their courses are still useful and up-to-date, course creators must be willing to put in time and effort to update them. In a survey by EdTech Digest, 29% of course creators said that keeping their course up-to-date and running smoothly was their biggest challenge.

In conclusion, it’s not easy to make an online course. To make a successful course, the people who make it have to deal with a number of problems, such as creating good content, marketing the course, dealing with technology, getting people to interact with each other, and keeping the course up to date and in good shape. By understanding and dealing with these problems, people who make online courses can make courses that are useful, interesting, and successful.

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