CBSE Class 10 Social Science Notes: Why should one focus on employment and GDP?

While GDP (Gross Domestic Product) measures a country’s economic activity, employment measures the number of people actively engaged in that economy. Growth in GDP and the number of persons employed are two measures of economic health that have real-world consequences.

You should care about employment and GDP because
Growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the number of persons employed is indicative of a flourishing economy and increased prospects for finding gainful employment.

The number of people living in poverty can be lowered if the economy creates more jobs and raises average salaries for the populace as a whole.

Access to better education, healthcare, and other essentials can contribute to a greater standard of living, which in turn can be a result of higher GDP and employment rates.

People are more likely to feel safe and secure if they reside in an economy with low unemployment and a healthy GDP.

Tax money for the government, which in turn can be used to pay essential public services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure as the economy improves and the employment rate rises.

Focusing on employment and GDP can improve a country’s economic performance and the standard of living for its population. Governments may do their part to make society more stable and prosperous by increasing employment opportunities and stimulating economic growth.



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