Chapter 1 of the English textbook for Class 10, First Flight, is comprised of a single prose piece titled A Letter to God. G.L. Fuentes is the author of this narrative. He was a brilliant poet and writer from Mexico. We have included a synopsis of the prose in the form of CBSE Notes below. By reading the prose summary, CBSE Class 10 students will get the idea that the author wishes to sensitively express to his readers, namely that the average man’s trust in God and humanity still exists in society. Additionally, students may refer to CBSE Class 10 English Prose Notes – A Letter to God for test revision.

CBSE Class 10 English notes will assist students in studying the topic thoroughly and clearly.

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Introduction to a Letter to God

G.L Fuentes’ tale “A Letter to God” revolves around the idea of having unwavering faith in something. The story takes place in a country in Latin America. After discovering his entire crop yield destroyed by a devastating hailstorm, Lencho, the story’s protagonist, writes a letter to God, pleading for help from the almighty. Despite the fact that his wishes are partially, if not entirely, granted, he is ungrateful in the end and questions the honesty and modesty of the postmasters who aided him with money (anonymously) in the name of god.

Summary of A Letter to God

A Message to God Conclusion – G.L. Fuentes’ storey “A Letter to God” depicts a farmer’s unwavering faith in God. It all starts with a farmer named Lencho who is hoping for a rainstorm to irrigate his cornfield.

He is confident that, as it does every year, his harvest will bring him huge profits.

Rainfall did occur, much to his delight, but it quickly turned into a hailstorm, destroying his entire crop field. The damage put the family’s survival in jeopardy because their entire livelihood was dependent on the year’s harvest.

Despite their disappointments, the family maintained a strong faith in God.

Despite having worked in the field day and night, Lencho knew how to write and decided to write a letter to God explaining his situation and requesting assistance.

He went to town to deliver his letter to “God.”

When the letter was noticed by the postmaster, it amused him at first, but it then inspired him to do something for the farmer in order to maintain his immense faith.

He puts money aside from his salary and collects money from coworkers and friends who are willing to donate for a good cause.

He was only able to collect 70 pesos, which he wrapped in an envelope to make it appear as if it were a response from the deity.

The writer (Lencho) is not surprised to find the letter, but he is enraged when he discovers that the amount is less than he had anticipated. He writes another letter to God, this time expressing his disappointment and mistrust of the post office employees, whom he believes have stolen the remaining funds.

Lencho’s Hope of Good Harvest 

Lencho was a farmer who lived with his family on the crest (peak) of a low hill. His house was the only one in the valley.

His field was brimming with ripe corn and could be seen from the house. He was looking forward to a good rain so he could have a good harvest and provide for his family.

Lencho’s Hope Turned into Despair 

It began to rain at the time of supper, just as Lencho had predicted (dinner). Lencho was ecstatic. He stepped outside to enjoy the rain on his skin. For Lencho, the raindrops falling from the sky were like new coins.

Strong winds suddenly began to blow, and hailstones began to fall. The storm lasted for about an hour, completely destroying the corn fields. The field was now covered in snow, which looked like a layer of white salt.

Lencho’s Firm Belief in God 

Despite the fact that Lencho was a poor farmer who had lost all of his crops, he had a strong faith in God. He realised that God was his last hope and decided to write a letter to God asking for assistance.

He prayed to God for a hundred pesos so he could replant his field and feed his family until the new crops were harvested. He also stated that unless God intervened, his family would starve to death.

The Postmaster’s Reaction to Lencho’s Letter 

A postman found Lencho’s letter at the post office and laughed when he saw the address on it. He went to the postmaster with the letter.

The postmaster was a pleasant and helpful individual. The postmaster realised as he read the letter that the sender (Lencho) was a true believer in God. As a result, he decided to assist the sender.

The postmaster asked his employees and friends to donate money to help Lencho maintain his faith in God. He also contributed a portion of his salary.

However, he fell short of his goal of collecting a hundred pesos, only collecting seventy pesos. The money was then placed in an envelope, which he signed as God.

Lencho Recieves the Money 

Lencho returned to the post office the following Sunday and received his letter. He was initially pleased to see the money, but after counting it, he became enraged. It was seventy pesos instead of the hundred pesos he had requested.

Lencho Writes Another Letter 

God, Lencho believed, could not possibly make a mistake. As a result, he wrote another letter. Lencho re-posted his letter after finishing it. The postmaster took out his letter and read it as soon as he left.

Lencho wrote in this letter that he had only received 70 pesos and asked God to send the rest of the money. He also asked God not to send the money through the mail because the post office employees were a bunch of crooks (untrustworthy people) who could have stolen his money.

Chapter Overview 

The farmer’s firm faith in God is the subject of this chapter. Lencho works as a farmer and is dedicated to his work. His crops are ruined by hailstones. Only God, he believes, is capable of assisting him. As a result, he writes God a letter requesting one hundred pesos.

The letter of Lencho is read out loud by the postmaster. He makes the decision to lend a hand to Lencho. He collects 70 pesos from his coworkers and encloses the money in a letter to Lencho.

When Lencho counts the money, he becomes enraged because he believes the post office employees have taken some of the money that God has sent him. As a result, he writes God a new letter.

This time, he prays to God to send him the remaining funds, but not through the mail, because he has no faith in the people who work at the post office.

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