CBSE NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 9 Poem The Snake Trying

Chapter 9 of Class 9 English textbook – Beehive – has a prose piece titled The Tie of Love, which tells the narrative of an orphaned sloth baby bear saved by the author and the development of their bond of love through time. Students enrolled in CBSE Class 9 may get the prose summary in CBSE English Notes Class 9 format here. The following is a summary of the prose CBSE Class 9 English Prose Notes – The Bond of Love to assist students in gaining a full comprehension of the chapter. They may read it and refer to it while they study for their examinations.

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The narrator came across a bear cub by chance while passing through sugarcane fields near Mysore with his friends.

People were shooting at wild pigs to drive them out of their fields. They then came across a sloth bear.

His friend fired at the bear, killing it. Following the sloth bear’s death, her cub (who was riding on her back) ran around her corpse, making a sad noise. The narrator captured and gifted the bear cub to his wife.

When the narrator’s wife saw the bear cub, she was overjoyed and named him Bruno.

She cared for him as if he were her own child. She provided him with a variety of foods and beverages. He consumed porridge, vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, rice, and eggs, among other things, and drank tea, milk, beer, and coffee, among other things.

He passed his time playing with the narrator’s pet dogs and his tenant’s children. He took up residence in their beds.



Once upon a time, an incident occurred in the house. Bruno ate the rat poison that the narrator had placed in the library, and as a result, suffered a stroke of paralysis.

He dragged himself to the wife of the narrator. They took him to a veterinarian, and he recovered after a short period of time.

Bruno once drank a gallon of old engine oil, but it had no adverse effect on him.



Bruno learned some tricks as he grew older and could perform them at the narrator’s wife’s command. He possessed the ability to wield a stick like a gun.

He did the same thing when she said wrestle or box. When he reached adulthood, she changed his name to Baba.

Baba was chained the majority of the time due to the children of the narrator’s tenants.

As baba grew in size and reached the same height as the two dogs, the narrator and his friends advised the narrator’s wife to send him to the Mysore zoo, as he required a larger and more open space.

She was initially hesitant to send him, but eventually agreed and sent him to the zoo.



For weeks after Baba left, the narrator’s wife was in mourning. She wrote a letter to the zoo’s curator (custodian) informing him of Baba’s existence.

The curator replied that he was fretting and not eating food. The narrator attempted for three months to keep her away from the zoo, but after learning about Baba’s condition, she decided to meet him.



The narrator visited the zoo with his wife. Although some of her friends warned her that Baba would not recognise her, when she went to the zoo, Baba immediately recognised her and became overjoyed.

They sat for three hours together.

She fed him. She pleaded with the curator to send Baba with her, but he was powerless and advised her to approach the superintendent.



The superintendent permitted her to take Baba, who was hoisted onto the narrator’s car’s roof. At home, he was given a twenty-foot-long, fifteen-foot-wide island.

Baba was kept in a wooden box. He was relieved to be back at home. The narrator’s wife and Baba sat there for hours.



The narrator’s wife’s affection and love for Baba, the sloth bear, served as a metaphor for true love.

The story illustrates that animals, like humans, are capable of feeling and expressing love. Baba exhibited numerous human characteristics such as love, affection, care, and loyalty; and he formed an affectionate bond with the narrator’s wife.



1. “I got him for her by accident.”

(i) Who says this?

(ii) Who do ‘him’ and ‘her’ refer to?

(iii) What is the incident referred to here?

Answer : 

(i) The narrator says this statement.

(ii) Here, ‘him’ refers to the little sloth bear and ‘her’ refers to the narrator’s wife.

(iii) The incident referred to here is the unfortunate killing of the mother bear and catching of the baby bear.

2. “He stood on his head in delight.”

(i) Who does ‘he’ refer to?

(ii) Why was he delighted?

Answer : 

(i) Here, ‘he’ refers to the baby bear.

(ii) He was delighted to see the narrator’s wife after a long time.

3. “We all missed him greatly, but in a sense we were relieved.”

(i) Who does ‘we all’ stand for?

(ii) Whom did they miss?

(iii) Why did they, nevertheless, feel relieved?

Answer :

(i) Here, ‘we all’ stands for the narrator, his wife and his son.

(ii) They missed the baby bear, Bruno (Baba).

(iii) They felt relieved because it was getting very troublesome to keep Bruno at home. That is why they sent him off to a zoo.

Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each.

1. On two occasions Bruno ate/drank something that should not be eaten/drunk. What happened to him on these occasions?

Answer: Bruno ate some rat poison on the first occasion. He was nearly paralysed and was critical. They rushed him to the vet and he was finally cured. Later, he drank nearly a gallon of old engine oil. However, it did not have any ill effect on him.

2. Was Bruno a loving and playful pet? Why, then, did he have to be sent away?

Answer: Yes, Bruno was a loving and playful pet. With the passage of time, he had learnt a few tricks also. He had to be sent away to a zoo because it was becoming difficult to keep him at home because of his size and needs. It was also a trouble for the children of the narrator’s tenants.

3. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved?

Answer: On his wife’s request, the narrator brought Bruno back from the zoo. At home, they built an island in the compound for him. All the stuff that he needed was kept there, even his ‘baby’ and ‘gun’.

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