How Free Shipping Deals And Discounts Help Increase Sales

Free Shipping Deal

How Free Shipping Deals And Discounts Help Increase Sales

In this article, we’ll explore the positive effects that free shipping deals and discounts can have on your business. 

We’ll first take a look at the benefits these strategies have, then we’ll explore some examples of when they might be appropriate.

Why Free Shipping Deals And Discounts

Shipping can be expensive, no matter where you’re shopping.

But with free shipping deals and discounts available, it can be more affordable to buy items online. 

Here are some reasons why free shipping deals and discounts are important:

  • Free shipping deals and discounts help increase online sales. When customers can save on their shipping costs, they’re more likely to make a purchase.
  • Free shipping offers also create a sense of urgency for customers. 
  • They may feel like they need to buy the item as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the deal.
  • Free shipping deals and discounts encourage customers to shop from multiple retailers.
  • When one retailer offers a free shipping deal, other retailers may follow suit in an attempt to compete. 
  • This increases competition among online stores, which ultimately leads to lower prices for consumers.

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Benefits Of A Free Shipping Deal

A free shipping deal can be a boon for any business. Here are some of the benefits: 

– Increased Sales: Free shipping deals can help increase sales by making it more affordable for customers to buy items. This can lead to more customers coming into your store, as well as making online orders more likely.

– More Customers: Free shipping deals can also attract new customers who may not have considered purchasing an item before because of the cost of shipping. By offering a free shipping deal, you’re likely to draw in buyers from all areas of your target market, increasing your chances of success.

– Reduced Costs: Offering free shipping also helps businesses save on costs associated with shipping, such as postage and packaging. This can lead to significant savings for companies that offer free shipping on a consistent basis.

– Increased Loyalty: Offering free shipping deals can also create loyalty among customers, who may feel like they’re getting a deal worth taking advantage of. This loyalty can be valuable in the long run, as it could lead to increased sales and customer referrals.

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What Should Be Included In A Free Shipping Deal?

When creating a free shipping deal, it is essential to include a variety of items in order to appeal to as many shoppers as possible. 

Offering a free shipping promotion on non-essential items can result in lower sales overall because shoppers may not feel inclined to buy other items in the deal. 

In order to increase sales and ensure that customers feel motivated to purchase other items in the deal, an effective free shipping promotion should include at least five different items. 

Additionally, make sure that the free shipping promotion is available during peak shopping periods such as Black Friday And Cyber Monday. 

Some common items that are included in free shipping deals include clothing, home goods, and electronics. By offering shoppers a variety of products to choose from, the promotion will be more appealing and likely to result in higher overall sales. Additionally, by offering free shipping during popular shopping periods, retailers can capitalize on increased traffic and increase their chances of meeting holiday sales goals.

Examples Of A Good And Not So Good Deal

A good deal is when the store offers a product at a discounted price. A not so good deal is when the store only offers the product at a discounted price, but does not include any shipping costs.

How To Use Coupons On Your Site

Coupons can be a powerful tool on your website to help increase sales. A recent study from CouponCabin found that 79 percent of shoppers use store coupons when they’re looking to make a purchase, and that this increases the purchase amount by an average of $5.81. In order for your coupons to be as effective as possible, it’s important to create relevant and effective offers. Here are five tips for creating effective coupons:

  1. Make Sure Your Coupon Offers Are Relevant To Your Target Audience. For example, if you sell clothing, make sure your coupon offers are related to clothing items (like 50% off clothing sale).
  2. Choose The Right Coupon Format. You can offer coupons in print or online form, and you can offer different types of discounts (percentage off, dollar off, free shipping).
  3. Place Your Coupons Where Customers Will See Them. Place them in stores near the register, in the shopping cart page, or on product pages.
  4. Make Sure You Have A System In Place For Verifying And Printing The Coupons Correctly. This will ensure that your customers get the correct discount and that all of your coupons are properly printed and scanned.

Free Shipping Deal

What Are The Alternatives To Free Shipping Deals And Discounts?

There are a few alternatives to free shipping deals and discounts. According to some experts, these include cross-selling products, bundling products, and having a clear return policy. 

Cross-Selling Products is when a retailer sells one product and offers another product as an incentive for the customer to buy it. 

This can be done by giving the second product a discount or even free shipping if the first product is bought. 

Bundling products is when a retailer bundles two or more products together and offers them as a single unit. This can be effective in getting customers to buy all of the products together, which can lead to increased sales. 

Having a clear return policy is important in order to keep customers happy and incentivize them to buy. If a customer has questions about how the policy works, they should be able to easily find information on the website or in store.


There are a few conclusions that can be drawn from this study. First, it appears that free shipping deals and discounts can help increase sales. Second, it is important to make sure that the discounts are being offered to the right customers. Finally, it is important to ensure that the free shipping offers are being advertised effectively.

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