How to Purchase Interactive Flat Panel (IFB) For Online Teaching

Looking to buy an interactive flat panel for the interactive flat board as we call it to teach online using different audio-visual material. We help educators with buying the right interactive panel tailor-made as per their usage, budget, space, and requirement

Get it delivered, install and provide onsite warranty for Newline, Maxhub, LG, Ekin, Benq and other well-reputed brands which are widely sold and used in India and Asia

Most of the companies provide three years onsite warranty where in the company people will visit your location where the panel is installed and repair it and provide you with service if there is any problem with interactive flat panel

At SkillYogi provide interactive flat panel across India from 90000 rupees onward

Sample Videos Made with Interactive Flat Panel for Teaching Videos

Play Video
Play Video

Interactive flat panel is typically a replacement for blackboard and whiteboard, you require an OPS which is an onboard computer to run any presentation, slide, PPT, animation video file at etc

If you do not buy an OPS you have to connect your interactive flat panel with the computer through which you will be able to run the audio visual material required for online classes

OPS Full Form is Operations Processing System

So if you want to use your interactive panel and you want to put up audio-visual material like slideshow presentation video files images or even play a YouTube video on any website on your interactive panel

You need a computer for that so either you can attach an additional computer with an interactive panel or you can integrate a OPS with your interactive panel

So this is vital without any computer the interactive panel will not work and it does not have an inbuilt computer you have to install inbuilt computer or attach it with computer laptop or any desktop

This all depends on your budget space usage and requirement

If you have limited budget it and space then you can go for 65 inches which cost around 90000 onward

If you have decent budget and space to install your setup and use it for classes then you can go for 75 inches

If you have a large classroom and you want to replace the white board or black board for offline and online class students will come sit in front of you and you will teach them than 85 inches is the right one for you

If you have a very huge room and you want to to address more than hundred people in a room itself then 96 inches is the right one but you have to spend a lot of money on that

Yes we can deliver the interactive panel everywhere in India for details contact our team

What are the alternatives to an interactive teaching panel?

If you do not have a budget of 90000 to purchase an interactive flat panel then you can look for other options which are viable durable and long-lasting and bus really well

One of the best setups is light board setup or glass board set up where you can put any audio visual material to teach online
You can purchase the setup for 30000 rupees and it can be delivered anywhere in India and the best part is to use this attribute do not require any formal training at all and anyone can use the setup

The next setup is pen tablet setup like wacom,xp pen and other companies where a Touchpad is integrated with your computer and you can write on any presentation ppt animation to teach your students online and offline simultaneously the cost of the setup starts from 5000 rupees onward

You can choose from different sizes which is available that is 65 inches, 75 inches, 85 inches, and 96 inches which is typically used in school, colleges, coaching centers, offices, and academic institute
If you are planning to buy an interactive panel you can get a free consultation from our team so you can choose the right company, right size of the panel, and find the best setup as per your requirement and budget

65 inches flat panel is suitable for people who are budget-oriented or who have very limited space to install that teaching setup

75 inches is a standard size which suits people who have decent budget and space and are looking for value for money as well as a large enough panel to help them teach online easily and engage with students online and also make recorded video content

85 inches is suitable for customers who are looking to replace their traditional whiteboard or blackboard in the classroom and who have large enough classroom and they want to conduct offline and online classes simultaneously 

85 inches interactive flat panel is around 40% expensive than 75 inches so even though the size is not that huge compared to 75 inches but the pricing is much higher compared to 75 inches flat Panel for online teaching

What Are The Vital Components Required for Any Teaching Setup?

Whenever you are building your own online teaching setup you need these vital component to be part of your teaching system

  • Computer
  • Mic or Microphone
  • Camera – can be DSLR, Camcorder, Mobile Phone Camera or Webcam
  • Tripod

Always remember that you can start off with basic mobile camera and lapel mic and later grow and update your teaching system

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