STUDY NOTES of Our Runaway Kite​

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আপনি এখানে শিখবেন এই অধ্যায়ে এবং বিষয়ের ফাউন্ডেশন অংশটা, এই বিষয়টিকে সহজ-সরলভাবে পড়িয়েছেন বিশেষজ্ঞ শিক্ষক ভিডিও লেকচার এর মাধ্যমে এবং এই পুরো অধ্যায়কে চার ভাগে খন্ডিত করে আপনার জন্য তৈরি করা হয়েছে

প্রথম খন্ডে আপনি শিখবেন ফাউন্ডেশন অংশটা যেখানে অধ্যায়ের ব্যাপারে আপনাকে বোঝানো হয়েছে তার মানে definitions,basics গুলো সহজভাবে. এবং এটাকে আপনি বুঝতে পারবেন যেটা আপনাকে পরীক্ষার জন্য ক্রীপের করতে সাহায্য করবে
দ্বিতীয় মডিউলে আপনি শিখবেন MCQ মাল্টিপল চয়েস কোশ্চেন যেটা সাধারণত এক Marks’er আসে পরীক্ষায়
তৃতীয় মডিউলে আপনি শিখবেন শর্ট অ্যানসার এবং কোয়েশ্চেন, যেটা আপনার পরীক্ষার সাজেশন মধ্যে পড়ে এবং এটা 3-4 marks’er প্রশ্ন আসে আপনার পরীক্ষা
চতুর্থ মডিউল আপনি শিখবেন লং আনসার এবং questions যেটা সাধারণত 5-6 marks er হয়
আপনার যদি কোন প্রশ্ন থাকে তাহলে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন যাতে কি আপনাকে আমরা সাহায্য করতে পারি

Here you will learn the basics of Our Runaway Kite in a simple language it is for Bengali medium students who are studying under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and preparing for their exam (Class 10 WBBSE) Here you will find all necessary and important WBBSE Madhyamik Suggestions, notes, solved sample question paper in Bangla along with video lectures from expert teachers


1 MARKS QUESTIONS of Our Runaway Kite​

  • The commentator’s father, Big Half Moon, owns the lighthouse.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: Father is the protector of the Big Half Moon.

  • The narrator found all his relatives because of the kite.

Ans. True.

Supporting statement: We have counted many more kites there.

  • Aunt Easter spent time with her father in the Big Half Moon lighthouse.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: Only accustomed to it father and Claude and I.

  • The house of father, narrator and Claude was the Big Half Moon island.

Ans. True.

Supporting statement: We stay on the Big Half Moon.

  • The narrator was twelve years old and his brother was eleven.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: The narrator was eleven years old and his brother was eleven.

  • They moved to the mainland at the beginning of spring.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: With the arrival of spring, we set sail again on our favorite island.

  • The spring of the port is icy.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: The winter of the port is icy.

  • The author’s father had connections with others.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: The author’s father had no relationship with anyone else, only us.

  • No one had relations with the mainland.

Ans. False.

Supporting statement: everyone had relations with the mainland.

  • People felt that Claude and the writer were alone on the island.

Ans. True.

Supporting statement: People Realize that Claude and the narrator were all alone on the island.

What was the name of the lighthouse – Big Half Moon.

They are habituated to be on Big Half Moon – father and Claude and the narrator.

The reason for living for their father on the Big Half Moon – he was the guard of The Big Half Moon lighthouse.

They all moved to the mainland – When the port cooled.

With the return of spring – they went to their own island.

The people of the mainland took pity on Claude and Philippa for – not being able to play with them.

And of course, Philippa Claude is lonely because – they have no other children to play with them.

They make pretty good deals for quarreling with – mainland kids in the winter.

With no relatives except Philippa and Claude this is up to them – Puzzle.

multiple choice questions - 1 marks of Our Runaway Kite​

  • The short story- ‘our Runaway kite’ is about- 
  1. a brother and a sister.
  2. a grandmother and a grandmother.
  3. Two wrangling brothers.
  4. two brothers and sisters.

Ans. A. a brother and a sister.

  • Who is the speaker of the text?
  1. Esther.
  2. Kite
  3. Philippa.
  4. Father.

Ans. C. Philippa.

  • The Big Half Moon is-
  1. a sea.
  2. an island.
  3. A hill.
  4. A satellite.

Ans. B. an island.

  • Everyone on the mainland had-
  1. Relatives.
  2. Stranger.
  3. Cousin.
  4. Siblings.

Ans. A. Relative.

  • Relationship questions make their parents-
  1. Delightful.
  2. Distrustful.
  3. Very serious.
  4. Sorrowful.

Ans. D. Sorrowful.

  • Puzzle use has nothing to do with anyone-
  1. Esther.
  2. The narrator.
  3. Narrator’s father.
  4. Both the speaker and Claude.

Ans. D. Both the speaker and Claude.

  • Father asked by the narrator and Claude about their relatives?
  1. Many times.
  2. Once.
  3. Thrice.
  4. Couple of times.

Ans. B. Once.

  • Who is the keeper of ‘Big Half Moon Lighthouse’?
  1. Esther.
  2. Mimi.
  3. Narrator.
  4. Father.

Ans. D. Father.

  • There was no relationship between the narrator and the cloud it was-
  1. Joy.
  2. Glory.
  3. Hesitation.
  4. Puzzle.

Ans. D. Puzzle.

  • The speaker’s father worked in a-
  1. Lighthouse.
  2. Port.
  3. Government employees.
  4. Company.

Ans. A. Lighthouse.

short questions - 2-3 marks of Our Runaway Kite​

  • It is all on account of the kite that there were more of us”- Why did Philip say that?

Ans. Aunt Esther found out her brother’s address from a cut-out kite from Claude and wrote him a letter. As soon as Dad gets the letter from his sister, he calls his sister Esther and nieces Mimi and Dick.

  • Why did people think that Claude and the author were alone on Big Half Moon?

Ans. People think that Claude and the author were alone on Big Half Moon because there were no kids to play with them.

  • Who were the new members in the author’s family?

Ans. There were new members in the author’s family – his aunt and cousins Mimi and Dick. They lived in isolation in the territory of more than one hundred miles away.

  • What did the author say about the quarrel?

Ans. The author said that they used to quarrel with the children of the mainland in the winter. Maybe that’s why they weren’t present at the Big Half Moon. Claude and the writer never quarreled on the island.

  • What did they think of their relatives?

Ans. About the relatives, they thought how much fun it would be if they had an uncle and aunt and some of their siblings. They seem to be very unhappy when they ask his father about this matter. They thought it would be better not to ask the question.

  • How was the hole in the kite?

Ans. One day there was a suitable pleasant breeze that was ideal for flying kites. Then Philip took the kite out of the house and stumbled on the rock, then his elbow got into the kite and a big hole was made in the kite.

  • What happened after the kite’s thread broke?

Ans. The kite was floating on the nice way when suddenly it’s thread broke and the kite floated towards the mainland.

  • How did aunt recognize the kite?

Ans. Aunt recognized the kite because the paper on which the kite was patched was part of a letter and had his parents’ names written on it so that aunt could understand that the kite belonged to his brother’s family.

  • How is the ship port in summer?

Ans. In summer, the port is blue and calm. In most cases there is no wind and no small waves. Especially when the summer weather is nice on the Big Half Moon. This makes the port pleasant and attractive.

  • Describe the kite made by the narrator and Claude.

Ans. The narrator and Claude made the kite with cold red paper. And they were stuck in the golden sparkle. They wrote their full names on it- Claude Leete and Philippa Leete, Big Half Moon Lighthouse.

English Notes WBBSE Madhyamik Class 10

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