Standard Operating Procedure For Attendance and Punctuality at School

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What is the Objective of this SOP training:

The objective of this SOP is to establish guidelines and procedures to ensure regular attendance and punctuality of students at school. This promotes discipline, enhances learning through consistency, and meets legal attendance requirements.

Scope of this SOP training: 

This SOP applies to all students enrolled in the school and is applicable on all school days.

Who is Responsible for this SOP training:

Students, Parents

Who is Accountable for this SOP training:

Class Teachers, School Administration

Let us understand the Procedures involved:

Attendance Recording:

  1. Class teachers must record student attendance at the start of the school day and for every period. 
  2. Attendance must be marked in the attendance register accurately.
  3. Any late arrival or early departure of a student must be recorded.

For example, as a class teacher, I will take attendance for my class at the start of each school day and mark it in the attendance register. If a student arrives late or leaves early, I will mark the exact time in the register.

Follow up on Absenteeism: 

  1. For every absence of a student, the class teacher must contact parents/guardians to inquire about the reason. 
  2. Any planned absence should be notified to the school in advance through a leave application.
  3. Prolonged absenteeism without valid reason will be notified to the school discipline committee.

If a student is absent, as the class teacher I will call the parents to find out the reason and inform the school administration. If I am notified in advance of a planned absence, I will get a leave application filled out. But continuous absenteeism without informing the school will be reported for disciplinary action.


  1. Students must arrive at school on time latest by the morning bell. 
  2. Late arrivals will lead to disciplinary action like written warnings, meetings with parents, etc.
  3. Continued late arrivals may require parents to give a written explanation.

For instance, if a student arrives late repeatedly, as the class teacher I will give verbal and written warnings and involve parents. If late arrivals continue despite this, I will get a written explanation from the parents on the reason.

By implementing this SOP, we aim to build a culture of discipline through regular attendance and punctuality. This will set good habits for life and make school days more productive.

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